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Product Id Description
CA147013 Similar Products CP-734H - Cover-Housing. (Index no.42 on Parts Breakdown)
CA147017 Similar Products Cp-724h / 734h ser. - Trigger - Old Stlye
CA147020 Similar Products CP-734Q - front gasket. This is item 41 on the CP-734Q parts breakdown.
CA147025 Similar Products CP-734H - Liner. (Index no.60 on parts breakdown)
CA-147707 Similar Products Cp-734 series - repair kit
CA-147716 Similar Products Cp-734h - tune up kit
CA147717 Similar Products Cp-734h series - repair kit.
KF129085 Similar Products CP-734Q - front shield. This is item 116 on the CP-734Q parts breakdown.
KF144075 Similar Products CP734H – Spring (Index No. 102 On Parts Breakdown)
S008613 Similar Products CP-734Q - steel ball 0.156. This is part item 38 on the parts CP-734Q breakdown.
S091250 Similar Products CP-734Q - lock washer. This part supercedes part number s008020 which is item 48 on the CP-734Q parts breakdown. Also supercedes part number ca156065 which is item 48 on the CP-772H parts breakdown.