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3-CSCL-500 Similar Products Cust. Stat.Cling label- 500/bx. 3 Colour capability printed on a clear static cling vinyl. 500 Per box. 1-1/2 X 2-1/2 cut and boxed. Approx. 3 Weeks production time from artwork approval. Customer to provide logo and info in .Jpeg .Giff .Tiff file.
3-GSCL-500 Similar Products Generic static cling label 500/rl. This is the label used in conjuction with the pre-programmed service reminder printer kit. There is a red oil can printed on the top of this label. Comes in a roll of 500. Label size 1-1/2 in. X 2-1/2".
3-KEYCOVER Similar Products 3-Srpk keyboard cover
3-SRPK-PR Similar Products 3-Srpk replacement printer ribbon
D-FB-M9227-01 Similar Products Midas service reminder printer kit. Includes printer, keyboard, 1 ribbon, 500 labels, cd with drivers for printer and label design software. Ready to use.
D-FB-M9227-06 Similar Products Midas labels for zebra printer. 500/Roll
D-FB-M9227-07 Similar Products Midas printer label kit. Includes 4000 labels (8 rolls) for zebra printer and 4 printer ribbons.
D-FB-P9933-46 Similar Products Printer - replcement usb cable that connects the keyboard to the printer.
D-FB-R1733-87 Similar Products Printer - replacement power cord to wall outlet.
FB-GX001-02 Similar Products Go-Dex Printer Part - Flexible Keyboard. This is the replacement "cloth type" flexible keyboard that comes as part of the package with an opening purchase of the FK-GX001-05 Go-Dex Printer System Complete.
FB-GX001-99 Similar Products Refrub godex printer w/ acc. This is a refurbished stactic label printer from petoskey. Includes printer, usb keyboard, power cord and one ink ribbon. Limited warranty only.
FB-M9227-23 Similar Products Midas static cling hand written labels - 1000/box. No printer required. Comment states "next service due" and shows in kilometers.
FK-GX001-05 Similar Products Go-dex printer kit complete wo/labels. This fully functional kit comes complete with printer, newly designed cloth keyboard and ribbon. The ribbon will last approx. 1500 Labels. No static cling labels included.
FK-GX001-06 Similar Products Go-dex printer kit complete w/labels. This fully functional kit comes complete with printer, newly designed cloth keyboard, ribbon and 2 generic rolls of 500 stick cling service reminder labels. Ribbon will last approx. 1500 Labels.
NITROLAB-1000 Similar Products Nitro static cling labels - 1000/bx. The dimensions of these labels are 2 in. X 1 in. Colours are green and white.