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FPL-3TK Similar Products 3T Flema Double Pump Hydraulic Floor Jack. Lowering Control System. Self Return Safety Handle. Foot Pedal with Rubber Pad. Nylon Wheels. Spare parts Tray. Min Height 95mm Max Height 500mm
GT-3.0 Similar Products 3 Ton Low Profile Floor Jack with a Fast Reach Foot Pedal, Double Piston Fast Lift Technology, Nylon Wheels, and Controlled Descent.
GT-G420300 Similar Products 3T gaither d.Pmp floor jack. Features a chrome main ram, univ. Joint connection, turbo lift pistons and rubber saddle pad. Min hgt 4.15 In.(105.4Mm) max hgt 19.30 In.(490.2Mm)
GT-G420302 Similar Products 3T gaither econ. Floor jack. Economy model with single piston. Approximately 4-5 pumps to under frame of vehicle depending on height. Min hgt 5.12 In.(130Mm) max hgt 19.29 In.(490Mm)
GT-G420303 Similar Products 3T gaither turbo lifter floor jack. Built with thinner and lighter frame. Min hgt 5.12 In. (105 Mm) max hgt 19.3 In. (490 Mm) this floor jack is approximately 14 lbs. Lighter than comparable units.
GT-G420330 Similar Products 3T gaither compact turbo lifter floor jack with polyurethane wheels. Min height 4.72In. Max height 17.72In.
WJ-D3.0A Similar Products Whiskey Series Standard Heavy Duty 3 Ton Floor Service Jack. Double Pump to Vehicle. Minimum Height 5.12" (130mm) Max Height 18.31" (465mm).