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Product Id Description
4-103502B Similar Products Rectangle inserts 1 pc
4-133385A Similar Products Insert used in head group for RAPTOR single Grey Rectangle V3
444-80106 Similar Products Corghi m/dm body insert 10-pk mondolfo compatible as912,as914,as944
444-80107 Similar Products Corghi m/dm tail insert 5-pk. This is the piece that is banana shaped.Mondolfo compatible as912,as914,as944
444-81173 Similar Products Corghi am500/50 tire changer. Reverse mount adapter.
444-81352 Similar Products Corghi am500/50 m/dm head - finger insert. Yellow in colour. 1-Pc_x000D_compatible with mondolfo ferro RAPTOR
444-86611 Similar Products Corghi am500/50 m/dm head - triangle insert. Yellow in colour. 1-Pc._x000D_Compatible with mondolfo ferro RAPTOR
5-102468 Similar Products Raptor leverless polymer inserts. Pack includes 5 - 4-103502B triangle inserts - left side and 10 - 4-106611A rectangle inserts - right side of leverless head. This package comes standard with all RAPTORs.
5-104101 Similar Products Torr mdh con insert nero. Steel m/dm head - AS914TI, AS944. This m/dm head includes the 801254341 front head insert, the 801258898 back head insert and the 342051 screws to hold them in place.
760-037 Similar Products Mount/Demount SS Head . 28mm Bore. For Corghi/Hunter/Cemb/Coats/EarlyHoffman
760-419 Similar Products Universal Tire Changer Motorcycle Adapter Protection Pad
760-420 Similar Products Universal Tire Changer Motorcycle Adapter Insert
801254341 Similar Products Mf 5-104101 steel m/dm head. Front head insert 10-pk. To be held in place by the 342051 screw.
8-11100296 Similar Products Adjustment kit ll head tool
ACCU-SM102529 Similar Products Accuturn nylon m/dm head. Use in conjuction with the ACCU-SM102765 adapter.
ACCU-SM102725 Similar Products Accuturn / sicam m/dm front side protector._x000D_
ACCU-SM102765 Similar Products Accuturn adapter for sm102529 nylon m/dm head.
COA183061 Similar Products Nylon mount / demount head for 5000, 6000 and 7000 rim clamp tire changers. Includes mounting kit hardware.
COA183355 Similar Products Rc150 part - steel m/dm head
COA183374 Similar Products Rc m.Cyc chgr protectors 12-pk a specially designed bootie for the coats motorcycle m/dm duckhead.