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190008002 Similar Products Clamping hood fits all haweka wing nuts
190008021 Similar Products Large diameter 8-5/8 in. (220Mm) clamping hood for alloy rims. Suits all haweka wing nuts. The haweka 190008039 rubber protective pad is actually glued to the outside edge.
190008027 Similar Products Pressure ring fits all haweka wing nuts
190008065 Similar Products Haweka SoftGrip Style Quick Nut - Pressure Cup. This Pressure Cup is fabricated to specifically fit only the Haweka SoftGrip Style Quick Nuts. It will not fit the older Haweka ProGrip Quick Nuts. There is a Rubber Protective Ring available for use with this Pressure Cup under Haweka Code 190008005. The 190008005 Rubber Ring will fit both the Haweka 190008002 ProGrip Style Pressure Cups and the Haweka 190008065 SoftGrip Style Pressure Cups.
40FF51315 Similar Products Cemb balancer - pressure cup for 40mm shaft. The rubber sleeve 40FF79260 can be added as an accessory.
40FF51334 Similar Products Cemb balcr-pressure ring 40mm. This is the plastic pressure ring used against the back of the quick release wingnut if you are not using the traditional pressure cup.
40FF79260 Similar Products Cemb balancer - rubber sleeve for 40FF51315 cemb pressure cup.
504-307 Similar Products Pressure Cup
COA110542 Similar Products Coats 850/950 - pressure cup. Set up for a 28.5Mm shaft. Also fits coats balancers 600 / 650 / 700 / 1001 / 1004 / 1050
COA110544 Similar Products Coats 850 large 8in press.Cup
EAC0058D08A Similar Products Hof 9600p - small pressure disk.
FMC61078 Similar Products Fmc 5800 and 4100 series balancers retainer cup and ring assembly. This is a combination of pressure cup 61076 plus protection ring 61077.
HB-6411409 Similar Products Pressure cup for wing nut, with bearings. This is the heavier original version that comes with the wheel type quick nut. Original for geodyna 40, 60, 80, etc. Please instruct customer that this is the heavier version with bearings._x000D_
HB-6418876 Similar Products Pressure cup for wing nut. No bearings, this is a lighter version, but it will work within the wheel type quick nut. Saves money. Good for geodyna 40, 60, 80, etc. Please instruct customer that this is a lighter version without bearings.
HUN-175-316 Similar Products Hun.Dsp-9000 - pressure cup
WB109008021 Similar Products Haweka alloy wb pressure cup 8" wide
WB110542 Similar Products Coa type press.Cup - 28.5Mm this is the pressure cup that fits the coats hub nut 110543. Coats oem code 110542.
WB112106 Similar Products Coats pressure cup for HN112103 hub nut oem part number 112106
WB1753531 Similar Products 4.5In pressure cup for hunter quick release nuts
WB1753921 Similar Products 6In pressure cup for hunter quick release nuts