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Product Id Description
G420303-30 Similar Products Saddle for GT-G420303. This saddle fits the g420303 as well as the models g420302, g420225 and g422500. It will not fit the model g420300 as that unit requires a saddle that has a larger diameter and longer pin (see G420300-37)
G420303-9 Similar Products Gaither part - rear castor
GT-G420302-19 Similar Products G420303 flr.Jk - bolt. This is item # 19 on the parts breakdown.
GT-G420303-24 Similar Products Gaither g420303 - power unit
GT-G420303-RK Similar Products Gt-g420303 repair kit
Y420303-37 Similar Products Gt-g420303 flr.Jk - foam handle bumper. Comes standard with the original handle. Protects steel handle from marring paint if handle comes in contact with a vehicle. Great item to add to older jacks when original foam is looking tired from years of use and abuse.